jueves, 8 de enero de 2009



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gaysinley dijo...

Querido Javi, me gustan mucho las dos últimas me parecen salvajemente eróticas!


Antinous from a frozen Paris dijo...

My dear Javi querido, well ,
the stunning pics of Daniel Miller (looking trashy with his long open leather boots) slightly remind me of those of Mario Campanaro (see yesterday, January 7th).

Yesterday, you said the pics of Mario Campanaro were "exciting".

It may seem that you find attractive or exciting trashy boys, having a gothic look, or wearing leather, fetishistic boots ! :-o))

Besos, Kisses,
- Antinous from a frozen Paris -

PS: Would you be working for the famous Spanish brand NEW ROCK ? :-o)
(I am joking of course).

kappyqueens dijo...

Alber, tienes toda la razón son salvajemente eróticas, en los baños de una gasolinera.

kappyqueens dijo...

Dear Antinous, somewhat reminiscent of the Mario Campanaro, but I think these are more erotic, in the bathroom of a gas station, to give a bit of excitement to everything, and the model was fully agreed at the time of being photographed.

Nacho Hevia dijo...

buenísimas fotos!
de nuevo, un fantástico post

kappyqueens dijo...

Mi querido Nacho, guardaremos ciertos secretos.


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