jueves, 26 de marzo de 2009



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Antinous dijo...

Well, Javi querido,
J Chile seems quite enticing indeed .
Is he from Chile, or is it his family name ?
Anyway, both his back and chest are nice.

In the meantime, I wish you well.
Over here, in Paris, the weather turned bad again !
It's grey and raining !
As the Spanish phrase says: " Marzo falso " !

Kisses, Besos,

gaysinley dijo...

Uffff... me gustan mucho, en especial la primera... me recuerda algo que vi ayer y aún que siento erotizado... ains... la primavera como me tiene niño!

Un besito. Alber

kappyqueens dijo...

Dear Laurent, as I like to call you so, so beautiful with this name.
The time we have in Galicia is great, the temperature makes kids clothing spring and that is welcome, we are starting to see these naked bodies ... well pleased.
Thanks for everything and kisses.

kappyqueens dijo...

Alber, la primavera y sus cositas...es todo tan bello.
Me siento un poco tonto con estas palabras, pero hoy la sesión de café en la terraza me pone un poco tonto, que los chicos sienten la primavera y se quitan ropa y...
Bueno, besos.


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