martes, 26 de agosto de 2008



Cada día te ofrezco una alborada

de ilusión y de vida, todo un cielo

palpitante de sol, que funda el hielo

y transforme tu cuerpo en llamarada.




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MaX dijo...

Muy buen material.
Muy buena la onda del site
y muy pesado
pero esta bueno tu blog loco!
nos vemos
pegate una buelta por el mio
bye bye

Antinous dijo...

My dear "Javi querido",

After the stupid Westboro Baptist Church billboard of yesterday,
you post nice pics of Andres Gutierrez: Muchas Gracias !

Did you notice it ? The five first pictures of Andres remind me of a horny angel evolving in the air ! The first pic almost reminds of a Buddha (see the way the hunk Andres is sitted in the air ) !

Now, you see : when I look at these enticing pics of Andres dancing in the air, evolving around the clouds, I simply tell you that I (or we) simply DO NOT need neither religion, nor their angels, nor their buddhas !
We can live by ourselves !

I admit, that, in France, we had our 1789 Revolution, and our Age of Enlightment, which allows us to be really secular !

PS: Sometimes, I just think like Don Giovanni (or YOUR Don Juan) !
Read/listen the famous Scene 19, Act II, of the Mozart 's Opera Don Giovanni (sorry, it's in Italian this time) :
"-Don Giovanni, a cenar teco
M'invitasti e son venuto!"
-" Non l'avrei giammai creduto;
Ma farò quel che potrò.
Leporello, un altra cena
Fa che subito si porti "

Don Giovanni (Don Juan) won, not il commendatore !

Cheers, Besos,

kappyqueens dijo...

Max, te visito regularmente que lo sepas.

kappyqueens dijo...

Always very attentive and always with good reviews, it is a pleasure to have you as a friend and learn from you. Thank you Antinous.

Antinous dijo...

It's my pleasure, dear Javi !
You're always most welcome about comments !
(I admit your blog is so gorgeous: you're "El Rey" of Computer Graphics, especially concerning your unique "portadas" !)

Cheers, Antinous,

kappyqueens dijo...

Gracias Antinous.


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