martes, 5 de agosto de 2008


(South East London Town)

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Anónimo dijo...

Vaya fotitos..jiji


kappyqueens dijo...

Gracias paisano por la visita.

antinous dijo...

Well, Javier Querido, you pleased me again with these pics of Carlos Daniel Yabrudy : very enticing and horny indeed !

Carlos holding the tyres reminds me of the famous pic of Herb Ritts.
Carlos reminds me of Matrix with his black garments and gun (gun as a toy of course).
Muchas Gracias,

PS: Where did you find these pics ? THX.

Cheers, Besos,

kappyqueens dijo...

My dear Antinous, find these photos is a tough job can create many visits over the Internet, but is not always easy.
Kisses and thank you for your affection.

Mum dijo...

Menudo mancebo....ufff...mecanico glorioso!!!Besiños Javiño!!


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