jueves, 21 de agosto de 2008



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Homo-Sapiensis dijo...

muuuy sexy!!.. si señor!. un saludote

kappyqueens dijo...

Si mucho, y pensar que no lleva nada, esta pintado.

Antinous dijo...

Wow, horny pics ! I like them !
It's so funny, so odd : I fell precisely on these pictures of Santiago Peralta last week-end !

It seems that, once again, we have some common tastes !

Cheers, Besos,

PS : Santiago ? Doesn't he live near Pontevedra ?
(It's humour of course).

kappyqueens dijo...

Merci Antinoüs, mais, malheureusement, ne vit pas près de Pontevedra, près de Paris peut-être?
Thanks Antinous, but unfortunately does not live near Pontevedra, perhaps near Paris?

antinous dijo...

I wrote this, because there's a famous cathedral in SANTIAGO (Compostella), near Pontevedra ... !
The beautiful hunk is named Santiago as well !

Now, since the Middle-Ages (up to now), there have been people walking from Paris up to Santiago, in Galicia.
Still today, there's a big street in Paris named "Rue St-Jacques" or "St-James Street", because it was the departure point to Santiago (St-Jacques, St-James).
That was all, my dear Javi !
BESOS , Antinous,

PS: As far as I am concerned, it's not in my intention to walk by foot from Paris to Santiago ...
I believe you know my opinion about the Church, or Iglesia...
The further, the better !

kappyqueens dijo...

The European pilgrims performed a trip that usually lasted at least four months, so a tour of this category was something that marked their lives. Along the way faced bandits, to the rigors weather and disease, sometimes even hunger.
In Paris joined many passengers to the route. They were people from northern France and the Netherlands, basically. They were in the church of Saint Jacques, near the Seine.
Antinous Hello, thank you for your interest in everything that concerns galicia, for all that, you send a few details with all my affection.
I'm not very religious, but the path of Santiago is more than a religious event.
With all my love for you this little information about where I live.
Thank you for everything, you know you have much affection.

gaysinley dijo...

Hola nene, gracias por tu coment, yo aqui poco a poco poniendome al dia a ratos, ya sabes que en cuanto tengo un rato te visito que me encanta la calidad de tus fotos, son geniales, sensuales, eroticas y me ponen a mil!

Un besote wapo!. Alber

kappyqueens dijo...

Gracias Alber por la visita siempre encantadora, jeje, que buenos paseos te das durante el año...


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